Annie Hankins' Photography | Taking Your Pictures
Picture Day....

I am an on-location photographer, which means that I don't shoot in a studio... I photograph using natural lighting in the location of your choice: a park, downtown, your home, or any other creative spot you would like! ~I love barns and other old buildings, railroad tracks and places with tree lines. Other favorites are gravel roads or open fields and even the middle of a street! Unexpected and unusual locations often make for favorite photo shoots~ After you book your date, we will discuss the perfect location for your session. Pets are welcome at any session. 

Here are few guidelines depending on the type of session you choose:

F O R  F A M I L I E S

Most importantly, expect to have fun! Interact with your kids, hug your spouse, tickle each other, tell jokes, talk about the day and be as natural as possible. Bribing your kids to ‘just sit still and smile’ never works (for you or them!), and the photos will look forced. Don't worry if they stick out their tongues or make funny faces. It will be part of the experience.  If I am having trouble getting the shots I need, I may provide some direction, but I usually capture the images just by following your family around. Trust me, the times during the session that you are wondering if I am getting a decent shot are usually the times I am getting the best ones! 

F O R (little) K I D S (1-5)

Sessions with kids are lots of fun! I love to see them open up and be themselves. Feel free to bring along something to personalize your session such as a favorite toy, book, chair, or blanket.  Something new like bubbles or a new fun toy might be the perfect way to capture their attention.  No worries if they aren't on their best behavior.... it happens! For this age true "posing" usually doesn't happen.   Just relax and let me capture the kids being themselves. 

F O R (bigger) K I D S (5+)

I enjoy older kids too.  My goal is to relax them and help them understand that I'm not here to make them sit still for a long time. I love to move around in the general area and capture fun moments such as running, jumping, laughing, doing cartwheels and so on.  Once the kids are relaxed, it is easier to get a good close up portrait.  I love personalizing pictures with your child's favorite thing.  For instance, my daughter loves to read and I plan on taking her picture sitting on a large stack of books or with books surrounding her.  I am open to your ideas and would be happy to help you brainstorm for a creative and personalized idea. 

F O R  S E N I O R S

Seniors are at such an exciting time in their lives and I love to capture that spark.  I prefer to consult with the seniors themselves to find out their likes and dislikes and what look they are wanting for their pictures. It is fun to incorporate your senior's interests and/or hobbies such as sports equipment and musical instruments.  Although there is definitely more posing involved with seniors, my goal is for the pictures to be fun, natural and reflect the senior's awesomeness.  

A F T E R  Y O U R  S E S S I O N

About 3 weeks after your session, I will send you a link to the edited images from your session. (The number of images will vary based on the session you select). The gallery allows a central place for you to share your images with your family and friends.  Your gallery will be open for viewing and downloading for 60 days. Please let me know if you need that time extended.  Please keep in mind, I delete your photos after the session expires, so please contact me before that time for additional orders!